Why choose NIMBUS?

97530 Richard Baker Nimbus Fire new[1]
The patented Nimbus System, created in April 2010, is an extremely versatile, revolutionary fire fighting tactic. It can deal with most fire incidents more effectively than existing systems. Using very little water and relying on the scientifically proven misting technique, there is minimal or no water damage and no dirty water run off. Most significantly, it will save fire fighters' lives by eliminating backdraft and flashover.
  • NIMBUS uses water so effectively – with little or no contaminated water run off
  • NIMBUS IS NOT AGGRESSIVE - safer than other makes of cold cut extinguisher
  • NIMBUS is safe to use on electricity - tested EN3-7
  • ONLY NIMBUS fights fire, protects evidence and minimizes property damage
  • ONLY NIMBUS is so versatile – misting for vehicle fire, rubbish fire, oil, wildland and chimney fire, piercing for compartment, boat, ship or thatch fires
  • ONLY NIMBUS can make a credible attack on thatch fires
  • ONLY NIMBUS is so portable it can go almost anywhere – tunnels, basement, restricted height car parks, on water, high rise, airborne
  • ONLY NIMBUS is so simple it can be operated with minimal training and maintained in house
  • ONLY NIMBUS provides the solution for the 21st century – eliminates backdraft, environmentally and forensically sensitive
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