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Nimbus Bear I am Nimbus Bear. I joined Park Lodge International in September 2012 during the Vehicle Fire Investigation in Nenagh, Ireland. I was rescued by Paul Baker from a vehicle which was to be burnt for the course and named for the Nimbus Units invented by Paul. img_1346   

Richard Baker ex Surrey Fire Service brings over 35 years of emergency service experience in operational, prevention and training background.  His expertise and enthusiasm and energy will raise the profile of safer fire fighting in the UK.  He was until recently Chief Fire Officer for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi Kenya after setting up from scratch a fully functional fire, rescue and ambulance service based on UK standards.  This now covers Kenya as well and includes air ambulance response covering some 588,000 square miles. jsw_rb_256kb_med_hr1  If you wish to know a little more about Richard, please click here.
Paul Baker


In March 2010, Paul conceived the first prototype of our Nimbus Fire Fighting Solutions and later that year Park Lodge International Ltd., patented his product. He joined the company and in 2011 Nimbus Fire was launched as a subsidiary of Park Lodge International Ltd. Paul became our Technical Director, primarily responsible for research and development. He is an expert trouble shooter. If you wish to know a little more about Paul Baker, please click here.