Nimbus Fire Piercing Lance

97530 Richard Baker Nimbus Fire new[1]

NIMBUS High Pressure Lance program
In order to maximise the efficiency of the NIMBUS High Pressure Fire Suppression System several types of High Pressure Lances were developed and tested in combination with the High Pressure Pump.

PIERCING – Stock Lance

All units are capable of piercing through materials if required. NIMBUS FIRE FIGHTING SOLUTIONS have launched the new 60L piercing stock lance that is shorter and ideal for confined space use, can be operated either left or right handed and at most angles of operation.    The flexible abrasive vessels are very robust, yet light, easy to handle and their simple but genius connecting mechanism allows the operator to switch an empty vessel for a full one in seconds.

The 30L and 60L are tested and passed the EN3-7 dielectric test.

Abrasive on
Abrasive on
Piercing complete – abrasive off Fine mist injected into compartment – SAFELY

NIMBUS Piercing Lance
Flow rate: 15L / 250 bar, 30L / 300 bar or 60L / 300 bar

Straight cutting jet
Throw: up to 25m
Complete with abrasive venturi device
Auto lock stainless steel coupler

Piercing times structural steel

3mm 30L <15 seconds 60L <10 seconds
4mm 30L <21 seconds 60L <15 seconds
5mm 30L <26 seconds 60L <20 seconds
6mm 30L <30 seconds 60L < 24 seconds
10mm 30L <35 seconds 60L <26 seconds