Nimbus Fire Lances

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NIMBUS High Pressure Lance program
In order to maximise the efficiency of the NIMBUS High Pressure Fire Suppression System several types of High Pressure Lances were developed and tested in combination with the High Pressure Pump.

In the main there are two main lances, the Piercing Lance and the General Purpose Lance which are at the heart of the system and there are others which are available that are described at the foot of this page.

The Piercing Lance:

The piercing lance, was specifically designed for the 60L/min unit but is now supplied with the 30L/min unit  which enables operators to piece through most materials to have an effect on the fire, it will eliminate backdraught and because the abrasive is on or off instantaneously, fires in incidents such as sandwich panels are dealt with effectively. For more details please click here.

The controls for turning the water on and off are on the lance with no reliance on radio transmissions and the same is true for the abrasive on our Nimbus Piercing Lance

The General Purpose Lance:

Only about 20% of fire calls attended by the Fire Services are truly compartment fires and our Nimbus System can piece through the materials that are implicated in these compartment fires extremely quickly. This piercing through such a miniscule hole, which then fills the compartment with mist is what removes the risk of backdraught and deals with or controls the fire.  The other 80% of fire calls, if they are not false alarms, are classified as open fires, wildland, rubbish containers, hydrocarbon etc.. Nimbus is just as efficient for use on these fires as it is on compartment fires by using the General Purpose Lance.

For more details please click here or the picture

The work horse general purpose lance

Nimbus Fire Fighting Solutions also have other lances which have been developed to enhance fire fighter safety and effectiveness:

  1. The Prop Lance – designed for roof void and thatch fires enabling water mist to be injected into the void without the need to commit fire fighters into an inhospitable and dangerous area.  The prop lance can also be used in high rise incidents to deal with ‘blow torch – wind driven’ fires again to enhance fire fighter safety and fire fighting effectiveness.  Can be operated remotely once in position.
  2. The ‘wood burning’ lance enable fire fighters to safely deal with chimney fires which are difficult to access because of the fitments of a wood burning stove.