Nimbus Fire 60L per minute unit

97530 Richard Baker Nimbus Fire new[1]

NIMBUS N 60-300 DS, N60-300H or N 60 300PTO – outline specifications300-60ds

Power Take Off
The 60L unit can be fitted to a power take off (PTO) or have their own driving unit.
The technical specification for PTO is as follows:
60L 39.6Kw at 1000 rpm.  The hydraulic unit fitted to a fire truck enables the conventional pump to operate at the same time as NIMBUS without issues.

Pump: UDOR VX-B 60/350 R-L Weight 58kg L460.5mm x H243mm x W397.15mm
Output: 60l/300bar at 1000 rpm.

Silent Diesel unit

Transmission: Direct drive with gearbox Technodrive RM70 S

The N300/60L DS 60L/min or PTO version
60L per minute with diesel engine, 300L water tank, foam tank and approved fuel tank
60L per minute fitted to a full sized fire truck with PTO to hydraulic drive.

Gear ratio 3:1

Petrol tank: 35l polyethylene Diesel tank

Electrics: Battery 12V 95A
Generator 14V 35Ah
50mm 2 external 12V supply Nato plug

Painted mild steel galvanised metal base frame
Optional: – Tubular frame with 4 lifting eyes – Unit in tubular frame with 4 lifting eyes, with (or without) separate water tank and with (or without) separate fuel tank.

Dimensions: L x W x H : ca. 1800 x 1600 x 1250mm
Weight (dry): ca. 870kghr

High pressure hose:
Lightweight synthetic rubber hose
60L 80 metre Ø 1/2” (all hose extendable)
2 Braided reinforcement layers (steel wire + aramid yarn)

Pinpricked anti-abrasion polyurethane outer layer
Max. working pressure: 450bar (60L)
Bursting pressure: 1400 bar

The hose reel can either be fixed on the NIMBUS units or be installed in another place, thus improving the accessibility. Connection to the NIMBUS units and the High Pressure or General Purpose Lances by means of a flexible hose and Quick connect couplers. Electric and hydraulic rewind hose reels available.

Nimbus Fire Fighting Solutions are safe to be used at fires where ‘persons are reported’, this film is the 60L/min 300bar with abrasive on – walked through with just overalls.

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