Nimbus Fire 30L per minute unit

97530 Richard Baker Nimbus Fire new[1]

NIMBUS N 30-300 P or N 30 300 PTO - outline specifications

Maximum working pressure: 300bar Maximum flow: 30 l/min We are at INTERSHUTZ 14-19 JUNE 2021 Power take off: The 30L unit can be fitted to a power take off (PTO) or have their own driving unit. [caption id="attachment_165" align="alignright" width="229"]PTO fitted to Nissan Pathfinder PTO fitted to Nissan Pathfinder[/caption] PTO technical specification is as follows: 30L 18.5Kw at 1450 rpm Pump: AR – RTX 30.300 Output: 30l/300bar at 1450 rpm. Engine: B&S VANGUARD OHV 35 PS Petrol, air cooled, 993cc, twin cylinder, 12V starter. Transmission: Direct drive with gearbox AR B31 The N300/30P 30L/min or PTO version The N300/30P 30L/min Gear ratio 3150 /1450 RPM Petrol tank: 12l polyethylene Gasoline tank Electrics: Battery 12V 24AH Generator 14V 20A 50mm2 external 12V supply NATO plug Frame: Painted mild steel galvanised metal frame with Aluminium panelling Optional: Carrying handles and trolley wheels. Dimensions: L x W x H : ca. 930 x 600 x 630mm Weight (dry): ca. 165 kg Hose reel: Volume W x D x H: approx. 450 x 450 x 500mm (without crank) Weight: approx. 45 kg Maximum length on hose reel 80m but extendable