Nimbus Fire 15L per minute unit

97530 Richard Baker Nimbus Fire new[1]

We are at INTERSHUTZ 20-25 June 2022

NIMBUS N 15 250P or N 15 250PTO

Maximum flow: 15 l/min at 250 bar

250/15P with 200L surround tank

250/15P with

200L surround tank& 6L foam[/caption] PTO For PTO the requirement is 7.35kw 10 hp - High pressure Interpump 47 Series 3 piston Pump Honda GX 390 Single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled engine Integrated metal 6 litre fuel tank Produces 11.7hp at Dimensions of pump & engine in aluminium frame L 741mm x w 528mm x h 462mm Weight engine, pump and frame no fuel 71kg Reduction gearbox to 1450rp Hose reel: 40m 3/8” two wire high pressure hose on an auto rewind reel, can be mounted horizontally or vertically. [embedyt][/embedyt] [embedyt][/embedyt]